About Choice Neighborhoods and Vision Russell

The Louisville Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) is a collaborative effort between Russell residents, and numerous community stakeholders and agencies, including the Louisville Housing Authority and Metro Government.  Collectively, the group created and is currently implementing a dynamic and transformative plan for the Russell neighborhood, including the Beecher Terrace public housing development. Called Vision Russell, the initiative’s geographic boundaries span from Market Street to Broadway, and from 9th to 32nd Streets.

The initiative has three broad goals:

  • To transform Russell into a neighborhood of opportunity and choice with access to high quality amenities, services, schools, early learning programs, employment opportunities, and public transit.
  • To redevelop Beecher Terrace into energy efficient, mixed-income housing community as part of an overall plan for improving the Russell neighborhood.
  • To attract investment into the Russell neighborhood that improves the quality of life for all residents.

Louisville has received four Choice Neighborhood grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help implement Russell’s transformation plan.  Louisville, KY is the only city in the country to receive all four HUD Choice Neighborhoods Grants. (To learn more about HUD’s Choice program, visit https://www.hud.gov/cn.)

  1. CNI Planning Grant (Awarded January 16, 2015)
    HUD’S $425,000 CNI Planning grant, matched by a $600,000 leverage contribution from Louisville Metro Government, was used to conduct a two-year (January 2015-January 2017) planning process that brought together nearly 600 residents, stakeholders, and community organizations. The groups’ strong history and boundless energy resulted in the development of The Vision Russell Transformation Plan. – a long-range, community-endorsed roadmap for the future of Russell.The individuals and organizations involved in developing Russell’s Transformation Plan continue to provide the expertise and resources needed  to realize this vision of a revitalized Russell in the coming years. To see a list of partnering organizations, visit Vision Russell Partners.
  1. CNI Action Grant (Awarded June 28, 2016)
    HUD’s $1,000,000 CNI Action grant was used to make several physical improvements within the neighborhood that were designed to accelerate the implementation of Russell’s Transformation Plan and attract additional investment. This grant was matched with a $375,000 leverage contribution from Louisville Metro Government.
  1.  CNI Implementation Grant(Awarded December 12, 2016) 
    HUD’s $29,575,000 CNI Implementation Grant is being leveraged with over $200M in additional funding sources to redevelop the Beecher Terrace housing complex and help support select  “Critical Community Improvements” – key neighborhood placemaking, economic development, and historic preservation projects within Russell. Grant funds are also being used to provide case management and other supportive services for original Beecher Terrace households, and to create off-site replacement housing options. To learn more, visit the Implementation Grant Page.
  1. CNI Supplemental Funding Grant (Awarded December 23, 2019)
    HUD’s $4,000,000 CNI Supplemental Grant will be used to complete the final phases of housing redevelopment at Beecher Terrace.

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