People Plan

An essential component of the Choice Neighborhood grant is the Community and Supportive Services (CSS) Plan.  The CSS Plan (also called the “People Plan”) was designed to 1) prepare individuals for the transition from their homes at Beecher Terrace to their new residences during the revitalization process; 2) offer services that would support success in school and the workplace; and 3) move families towards a path of self-sufficiency.  The lead organization implementing the CSS Plan in Louisville is Urban Strategies, Inc.  (USI).  To learn about USI, please visit


Programs and services provided through the Choice grant include needs assessments and comprehensive case management services for all former Beecher Terrace residents; and referrals to a variety of other supportive services including health care; job placement; financial skills training; a scholarship program for residents who are high school/GED graduates and wish to pursue higher education; early childhood education and out of school programs; transportation assistance; homeownership counseling and a Section 8 Homeownership program which offers subsidy towards a mortgage payment for eligible candidates.

Original Beecher Terrace households receive the quarterly, “Vision Russell Newsletter” and “Beecher Report”, which includes timely information about programs and services, along with progress on the Choice Neighborhood program, and education and employment opportunities including Section 3 positions at the Beecher Terrace site.

Urban Strategies, Inc. is a national leader in its field as a not-for-profit organization that specializes in results informed human services development, planning, and strategy implementation as part of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.

Founded in 1978, USI has been involved in neighborhood transformation efforts in 24 cities and more than 40 neighborhoods across the nation with St. Louis as its base. USI serves more than 30,000 families and 100,000 individuals, and has leveraged over $350 million in supportive service partnerships.

Urban believes in equitable opportunities, where all children and families are stable and thriving, all voices are acknowledged and promoted, and all systems are positively aligned and equally contributing.

To learn more about Urban Strategies, and their assembly of professionals, please visit

Please note that the Beecher Report and Vision Russell newsletters were combined as of January 2020.  All Vision Russell newsletters, including combined versions, can be found HERE.