Section 106

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Section 106 Review Documents:

Above Ground Resources Audio 4-12-18

Archaeological Resources Audio 4-12-18

Consulting Parties Meeting Audio 4-12-18

Consulting Party Meeting Presentation 4-12-18

Beecher Terrace Phase II Redevelopment Architecture Presentation 4-12-18

Consulting Party Meeting Agenda 4-12-18

Beecher Terrace Consulting Parties Meeting Audio 3-28-18

Beecher Terrace Consulting Parties Meeting Architecture Presentation 3-28-18

Beecher Terrace Consulting Parties Meeting Archaeology Presentation 3-28-18

Lifelong Wellness Center Elevations and Color Scheme 3-19-18

Draft Programmatic Agreement 3-16-18

General Consultation on Indirect Effects of Proposed New Construction at Beecher Terrace

Cultural-Historic Survey of the Proposed Demolition of Beecher Terrace

Figure 40 – Resources Documented within the APE

Summary of Archaeological Investigations  at Beecher Terrace

SHPO Above Ground Response

Historic 106 review practical glossary of terms

Citizen’s Guide to Section 106 Review

Consulting Party Acceptance Letter

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Consulting party feedback form                        Submit Online!

Consulting Party Meeting Agenda 1-30-18

Consulting Party Meeting Notes 1-30-18

Consulting Party Meeting Presentation 1-30-18

Beecher Terrace Redevelopment Look Book

Consulting Parties Mitigation Option Priorities    Submit Online!

Consulting Party Meeting Sign-in Sheet 1-30-18

Consulting Party Meeting Audio 1-30-18

Consulting Party Presentation 12-11-17

Consulting Party Meeting Stations Summary